Year 5 Wider Opportunities programme

Last week, our year 5 children had a woodwind musician come and play a variety of woodwind instruments to them. She played the FLUTE, SAXAPHONE and CLARINET. The children enjoyed listening to the sounds of the different instruments and learning about the different ways that they are played.

brass year 5 1

Most of our year 5 children are currently learning how to play a brass instrument. They all said that it was brilliant seeing a different type of instrument being played, but as a year group, they all choose to continue learning their brass instrument, rather than change to a woodwind instrument.

brass year 5 3   brass year 5 2

In June, the children will be playing their brass instruments at the Halle Orchestra concert, at Derby arena. The children will play 2 pieces of music with the orchestra and other schools involved in the music wider opportunities programme. We are all looking forward to this special musical experience!



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