Year 6 Parents/Carers survey


Statement Agree % Disagree %
My child has enjoyed their time at Beaufort. 100%
My child has made good progress. 100%
My child has been well cared for and supported (e.g. helped when had fall outs) myself or worried. 100%
Learning at school has met my child’s needs (e.g. challenging work/help when needed, small groups, 1:1 support) 100%
The school has asked for and listened to my views on school issues. 100%
My child has had a good range of opportunities (e.g. sports, music, visits etc.) 100%
Golden Time has been an incentive to read at home more frequently. 100%
Incidents of bullying are low and dealt with effectively. 100%
My child has felt safe at school. 100%
My child feels prepared for Secondary School. 100%
My child has developed skills that will help them in the future. 100%
Staff are supportive of pupils. 100%
School Leaders manage and lead the school well. 100%
I would recommend this school 100%

 We would like to thank all the parents/carers of Year 6 pupils for taking the time to complete the questionnaire and for the wonderfully positive feedback we have received.  We are encouraged by the fact that most of the responses are within the strongly agree category.

We received some fabulous comments.  It is evident that you believe your children have had a fantastic time and a first class education at Beaufort Primary School and that they are ready to move on to the next stage of their education.

Areas of strengths arising from the questionnaire:

  • What do you think are the particular strengths of Beaufort Primary School?
  • Selection of parents/carers comments:
  • The staff are caring and always put the child’s individual needs first.
  • The staff give lots of encouragement and help children to reach their full potential.
  • The bond the staff have with the children is brilliant! Thanks for everything.
  • There are lots of after school activities for the children to participate in.
  • All round this is a brilliant school – I would highly recommend to anyone!
  • I would recommend this school so very much!
  • I think everything is a strength of the school.
  • My child has made good progress.
  • We are incredibly pleased that 100% of parents/carers strongly agree that their child has made good progress during their time at Beaufort Primary School; our End of Key Stage 2 SATs results are evidence of this.
  •  Staff are supportive of pupils.
  • Again, 100% of parents/carers strongly agree that staff support their children and that the role of all staff is vital in providing your children with an excellent education.
  •  I would recommend this school.
  • We are delighted that 100% of parents/carers strongly agree that they would recommend Beaufort Primary School to others. It is our aim to provide all children with the opportunity to develop as independent and confident learners and knowing that you
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