Governor Strategy

Beaufort Community Primary School Governors Strategy Document

School Vision and Aims

We believe in doing the best we can for children of all abilities by providing a safe and stimulating environment where our children feel happy and supported in their learning. We celebrate our children’s achievements and aim to raise children’s aspirations through a context rich curriculum that gives purpose to their learning. Above all we aim to develop positive and confident children where everyone is caring, honest and respectful. We believe all children should be valued and encouraged to have enthusiasm for learning so that all our children have confidence in their ability to succeed.

The above statement sets the context for the culture, values and ethos of the school. It is fully supported by the Governing Body as well as staff, pupils and parents with its emphasis on caring, mutual respect and hard work in an aspirational ‘can do’ environment which ensures that all barriers to achievement are addressed. As governors we expect that all our pupils will achieve their full potential. This strategy sets out the role of the Governing Body in supporting the staff and pupils to reach their goals.

Governor Competence

In order to work alongside the Senior Leadership and Staff to support and challenge them in their work we will:

• Carry out regular skills audit and try to fill any gaps identified by appointing governors with relevant skills or providing appropriate training for existing governors.

• Provide relevant training for new governors.

• Ensure that all governors understand the parameters of their role.

• Provide for succession by giving opportunities for governors to serve on different committees and to be trained and mentored in the role of chair both in committees or the full Governing Body.

• Ensure that governors with specific roles such as ‘Safeguarding’, ‘Special Needs and Disability’, ‘ Early Years’ and ‘Finance,’ receive appropriate training.

• Ensure that a professional and fully trained clerk is in post with the opportunity to update skills as needed and with an annual appraisal procedure.

• Ensure that all challenges as well as approvals are appropriately minuted.

• Ensure that governors continue to make regular visits to see the school in action, attend and support special events and understand as fully as possible the day to day life of the school. All such visits will be logged.

• Encourage all governors in individual roles, on committees and in the full Governing Body, to question and challenge information provided as well as to support and approve processes and activities.

• Meet annually to assess our performance and look at how to improve it. Staff Competence The governors recognise the importance of having a well trained, fully committed staff, at all levels.

In order to achieve this we:

• Ensure that appropriate appraisal of the Headteacher takes place each year, carried out by nominated governors and a representative of the Local Authority and that measurable targets are set which are linked to the needs of the Headteacher as well as the areas for development of the school.

• Ensure that appraisal of all teaching staff is carried out annually by the SLT with targets set which encourage personal development as well as meet the needs of the school.

• Ensure through the appointment process that our school has the best staff possible to meet the needs of our pupils.

• Ensure through the provision of appropriate training and support that staff are highly motivated and committed and able to meet the needs of our pupils. Monitoring Progress and Achievement The governors acknowledge that the school is already very effective in helping our pupils to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. However in order to make sure that this continues we need to continue to identify areas in need of improvement, set measureable targets and put programmes in place to meet these targets .

To do this:

• The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is drawn up by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) in consultation with Staff and Chairs of Governors. In the plan, priority areas for development are identified and measureable targets are set. This is an annual process approved and amended as necessary by governors through the Curriculum Committee and the Full Governing Body.

• Where necessary, in consultation with the Governing Body, targets will be set to be achieved within a two or three year period. Progress will still be reported annually to the relevant committee or the Full Governing Body.

• The school self evaluation process, based on the Self Evaluation Form (SEF), monitors these targets. Again this process is carried out by the SLT in consultation with governors and staff, with reports to the Curriculum Committee and the Full Governing Body. This process leads to new priorities being identified.

• Regular reports on school achievement, including all statutory and none statutory assessment results, are made to the Governing Body and inform priorities identified and targets set.

• The school serves an area of social deprivation and attracts substantial Pupil Premium funding. A designated governor oversees the use of this funding to ensure it is used to support pupils in successful all round development. Measurable targets are set to monitor the progress of pupils entitled to Pupil Premium funding with reports on progress monitored by the designated Governor at least every term as well as by the Finance and Curriculum committees and the Full Governing Body, at least annually.

• The school sets both an annual budget and also a three yearly budget forecast which are monitored and approved by the ‘Finance’ Governor and Finance Committee.

• Governors take every opportunity to consult with parents and pupils both formally and informally and report back to the Full Governing Body with the results of these consultations.

• Chairs of Governors have at least half termly meetings with the Headteacher to review progress and where both parties generate ideas and bring up areas for discussion and debate in a more informal setting.

Governor Competence

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