Healthy Living Week

Healthy Living Week Summer 2017

Last week at Beaufort, the children all round school took part in a range of different activities to help them understand how to keep healthy.

The school nurse visited us during healthy living week. She spent time with all children in KS1, Nursery and Reception talking to the children about dental hygiene. They spent time cleaning Choc’s Teeth (a cuddly toy crocodile that the children loved!), pretending to be a dentist and listening to a story about a young boy’s trip to the dentist.

 As well as our visit from the school nurse, Nursery and Reception had a morning and afternoon with Sporting Bodies practicing their ball skills. The children had great fun playing with each other and a different member of staff.


Year 1 and 2 had an exciting opportunity to spend an afternoon learning Tae Kwon Do. The children learnt skills such as agility and control through the Material Art.


  In Year 3 and 4, the children learnt about healthy eating. In their classes the children discovered how much sugar was in different foods. They were amazed how much sugar was in Cornflakes! As well as this, the children spent an hour creating fruit wrap. They practiced their cutting skills and tried new exciting fruits. The children loved the opportunity to try healthy fruits such as Sharon fruit and pomegranate. Thank you to Theresa from AiP (our school caterer) for running the workshop and providing the fruit.

Year 5 and 6 had a relaxing afternoon with a Yoga instructor on Monday afternoon. She taught the children breathing and stretching activities. The staff enjoyed it just as much as the children!

 We were also lucky enough to have Morrisons donate a large amount of fruit to the school. Children in Year 4 wrote letters to Morrisons asking if they could help support the school and they did not disappoint! We received: melons, grapes, cherries and bananas, which we used to create fun fruit salads that the children in KS2 enjoyed as part of their Friday afternoon.

The week ended with sports activity mornings and the smoothie bike!



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