Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Parent/Carer Questionnaires 2018

Thank you to the 60 parents/carers who took time to complete the parent/carer questionnaires. The number of children the questionnaires represent is 84 which is 26% of the number of children on roll.


Questions Agree Neither Disagree
1. When I visit school I am made to feel welcome 60
2. I find it easy to approach the school with questions or problems to do with my child 60
3. If I have a concern the school handles it well 57 3
4. The school is well led and managed 60
5. My child is making good progress at school 60
6.My child is taught well at this school 60
7. My child is well looked after at school 60
8. I feel confident helping my child at home with their learning 59 1
9. My child receives appropriate homework for their age 56 4
10. The school does all it can to help my child do their best 59 1
11. The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved 59 1
12. My child is happy at school 58 2
13. My child feels safe at school 60
14. If my child was worried about being bullied the school would deal with it well 56 4
15. I find school newsletters and the school website informative 60
16. I would recommend this school to another parent/carer 60
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