Safety First


In the interests of safety both of pupils and staff, the school doors will be kept locked. Visitors may gain access by contacting staff at the main entrance. Children are not allowed to open the doors without permission from a member of staff. Please do not ask them to do so if you are waiting at the door.

ANY visitor to the school must report to the school office and sign in and out, whatever the reason for their visit. Please do not go directly to your child’s corridor or classroom without first reporting in. Anyone who has not reported to the office will be challenged and may be asked to leave. Please do not take offence at this. The safety of our pupils is our main concern.

Road Safety

Road Safety is taught through a variety of topics and in Health Education. The Road Safety Officer is involved in working with pupils at regular intervals. Parents and carers are not allowed to bring cars down the school drive. Children should enter school via the underpass on Hampshire Road or should be escorted on foot down the drive by an adult. This is necessary for the safety of all our children but particularly the younger children. The school gates are locked to cars from 8.45am to 9.15am and from 2.55pm to 3.25pm.

We do have a cycle shelter for the storage of bicycles. Children are not allowed to cycle to school without an adult accompanying them. If cycles are left in the storage area they must be secured with a lock from home. Cycling Clubs are run regularly for the older children in school. The programme followed is to encourage safer cycling.

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